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Church Planters’ Favorite Digital Leadership Teachers for Inspo and Advice
June 28, 2022

Church planters share their favorite ‘follows’ and digital leadership teachers. 

Who are the most influential teachers in your life? Is it an author who seems to surreptitiously know you and your church’s current obstacles? Maybe it’s a pastor, professor, or impactful leader you’ve gleaned wisdom from. 

In today’s culture, we have the benefit of hearing from our teachers and influencers regularly by way of the Internet. 

  • That speaker you follow on Instagram, whose words about pastoring and leading seem to always hit you like a brick and whose posts you often share…
  • The YouTube channel you finally subscribed to because you realize everything they publish is meaningful to the stage of your church plant…
  • A blog writer whose words seem to linger in your mind and come to life as you go about your day’s tasks…

These are teachers and influencers. 

Recently, we asked our church planting network to share their favorite digital leadership teachers and influencers and we know you’ll want to check out these ‘follows’ if you haven’t already. 

Church planters share their favorite digital ‘follows’ and teachers from Instagram, YouTube, and their libraries.

Church Planters’ Favorite Digital Leadership Teachers for Inspo and Advice

1. Church Planters on Instagram

Our network finds church planting wisdom and inspiration on Instagram. Here’s who they’re following:

  • Church Planter Malachi follows Britton Latham because he “helps me understand the need for fighting for your family, staff, and church.” 
  • Brandt, Campus Teaching Pastor, has learned “how to be more efficient in meetings and lead better in those settings” from Ron Edmondson.
  • At Jeff Hoglen’s channel, you can learn from your success and failures, but wisdom dictates we can also learn from the success and failure of others. 
  • If you aren’t already following Exponential, start today. From the organization’s Instagram, you’ll discover leading voices in the church planting world to pay attention to.  

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2. YouTube Teachers

Leaning into the current convenience of being taught visually and aurally, leaders in our network have uncovered some church planting inspiration and wisdom from the popular video platform YouTube. Two of our favorites are listed below. 

  • Pastor Carlos watches Pastor Sam Rodriguez’s YouTube channel for wisdom on diversity, multi-ethnic church leadership and more. He comments that Pastor Sam’s channel has helped us “with community outreach/evangelism and work with local elected officials on local issues and events.”
  • Lead Pastor Ben’s sermon prep and perspective have been changed since he began following Tim Mackie’s channel: The Bible Project.
    Have you seen it for yourself? Choose from hundreds of animated videos that explore the books and themes of the Bible, like Generosity, The Royal Priesthood, and The Image of God.
  • Another church planter to watch is Jon Morris of Vima Church. He posts leadership advice and Biblical wisdom, along with fun behind-the-scenes looks at his life and ministry. 
Ever considered using The Bible Project videos in sermon prep? We’ve heard from other pastors who now see the Scriptures differently as a result of the animated videos found on YouTube.  Click To Tweet

Church planters share their favorite digital ‘follows’ and teachers from Instagram, YouTube, and their libraries.

3. Authors Who Teach and Inspire Church Planters and Leaders

  • Church Co-planter Hank appreciates the wisdom of Bob Logan as a guide for church planting, specifically the helpful book The Church Planting Journey.
  • Many responders have been taught by the words and wisdom of John C. Maxwell, renowned author, speaker, and pastor. Find access to his books and social media at the Leadership Development & Career Development website.
    Maxwell focuses on creating positive change through values-based leadership, and through his resources, you’ll get equipped to be the kind of leader others look up to. 

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There you have it — a handful of our favorites. 

What about you? Which digital teachers have you found helpful or inspirational? It’s not too late to share, just drop a comment below.

We’d love to be another ‘teacher’ in your life! Book a call with our team and let us share our expertise.