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FAQs Answered: How to Use KinderLinks
December 15, 2022

Learn how to use KindeLinks to maximize space in your church’s children’s ministry area.

When our churches see KinderLinks on their supply list, they often wonder what exactly that word describes.

KinderLinks are portable, stackable stools that provide durable seating for children in your kids’ ministry. They come in a variety of colors and safely interlock or stack, depending on your need.

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How Churches Use KinderLinks in Their Children’s Ministry

These space-saving stools are designed to easily form a secure circle or zigzag pattern, though we’ve seen churches get creative with their designs. 

Twenty stools will provide seating for that many kids, and form a comfortable circle. For an open half-circle, use half as many KinderLinks. 

In this video, watch Jesse stack and lock the KinderLinks with ease—-and discover why these are, hands down, our favorite classroom seats.

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Want to avoid heavy, cumbersome chairs in your kidsmin area? KinderLinks are a portable, stackable, and sturdy solution for any children’s ministry environment. Share on X