How to Assemble a Playpanel
March 7, 2022

Is your portable church utilizing playpanels? These smart resources are great for children’s ministry, providing a lightweight, physical barrier to organize space. 

Playpanels are a portable-friendly way to set up a nursery, preschool classroom, or kidsmin area. They create a significant barrier that keeps children safely away from potentially-unsafe supplies and resources or the danger of the room’s exit. Likewise, they serve as a visual reminder of the designated space. 

When a temporary wall is needed, playpanels are the easy, affordable solution. 

How To Assemble a Playpanel

Jesse Reed, PCI’s Director of Sales & Marketing, has created a short and helpful video to demonstrate exactly how to assemble a playpanel.

Check out the demonstration and be sure to “like” it so you can access it later when you’re in assembly mode and need a refresher! 

Need to disassemble? We’ve got you covered with a playpanel disassemble demo from Jesse. 

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