Networks For Church Planters: 8 Conferences To Put on Your Calendar
June 7, 2022

Grow alongside thousands of others when you attend one of these church planter conferences coming up in 2022-2023.

When we gather and learn from each other, we get sharper in our faith, skills, ideas, and enthusiasm for expanding the Kingdom. 

Conferences are where this happens in turbo.

We hear from church planters all the time who are encouraged and bolstered in their mission after connecting with a kindred spirit in the church planting world. Make these networking events a priority — for both your ministry and your soul. 

Here are the conferences you can still attend this year — and a few more that you should plan on attending in 2023. Get your calendar out and book your tickets for these excellent events today!

Grow alongside thousands of others when you attend one of these church planter conferences coming up in 2022-2023.

8 Church Planting Conferences To Put on Your Calendar

1. VOUS Conference

At the VOUS Conference, leaders will be inspired by the mission to champion the cause of the local Church, develop leaders from around the world, and encounter God

With speakers like Mike Todd and Matt Chandler, you know you’re in for a great event. This conference is an investment in your future because as you get better, your whole team will get better at what they do. And what better way to learn and grow than to do it alongside thousands of others who want the same thing?

Join thousands of others and gain practical handles from world-class speakers to equip your teams and build your faith. As one attendee put it:

“I can’t wait!” 

VOUS Conference: Miami, FL, June 16–19, 2022

2. Converge Reach Conference

At the Converge Reach Conference, join people like you who want to see transformation as the gospel reaches the ends of the earth. This conference is for anyone who wants to see their congregation excited about making a kingdom impact in their neighborhoods and worldwide.  

What’s new and exciting about this year’s conference is that it will be fully accessible for all Deaf attendees. This news has thrilled a lot of people, like this attendee:

“SO encouraged by Converge International ministries and their focus to REACH others with the Gospel. Others who might not ‘hear’! So, so COOL! Better Together!”

An exciting three days are planned, with rich teachings from Efrem Smith, Craig Smith, Justin Kendrick, Scott Ridout, and Ivan Veldhuizen. By the end of this conference, you’re sure to be inspired to reach across the street and around the world as you set off to your home church.

Converge Reach Conference: Littleton, CO, June 21–23 2022

3. The Global Leadership Conference

At The Global Leadership Conference, you will gather with a global community of change-driven, growth-minded, hope-filled people like you. This conference is designed to help you discover how to voice your vision for a better future.

As one attendee shared

“I really do believe The Global Leadership Summit is one of the greatest intersections of leadership types and styles in the world today. All of the leadership principles apply—it speaks to the soul and it speaks to the mind. It reminded me I’m not alone and gave me tools I could use.”

At the Global Leadership Summit, attendees will experience 12+ high-impact leadership talks, the opportunity for community connection locally and online, arts and entertainment, powerful leadership stories, and the opportunity to earn continuing education credit.

With this kind of line-up, you will certainly go away brimming with hope for the future and a passion for change and growth.

Get in-person and LIVE viewing details at The Global Leadership Summit.

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4. Replant Summit 2022

Replant Summit is back with a mission to encourage others to take care of their souls, their families, their churches, and the mission God has given them. This year, the theme is “replenish and reset”, and pastors are encouraged to invite their spouses, with the schedule including a special breakout session for spouses who attend. 

Mark Clifton, Min Lee, Frank Lewis, and Nicholas Ian Carter are amongst the lineup of great speakers. And the breakout sessions have titles like Developing a Shepherding Strategy, Bivocational Leadership, and Redeeming Your Time. 

Replant Summit 2022: Alpharetta, GA, August 29–30, 2022

5. North America Conference 2022: Convictional Faithfulness – Acts 29

The focus of this year’s North America Conference is “Convictional Faithfulness”. There will be a spotlight on the fact that what we believe shapes our desires and our actions and the teachings will be centered on inspiring an unwavering commitment to theological beliefs

The guest speakers for this conference include Brian Howard, Jen Wilkin, Ryan Kwon, and Tony Merida and during the in-between moments you’ll be kept engaged by MCs Doug Logan and Jen Osham.

North America Conference 2022: Denver, CO, October 3–5, 2022

Grow alongside thousands of others when you attend one of these church planter conferences coming up in 2022-2023.

Church Planter Conferences in 2023

Before you know it, next year’s conferences will be booked. Make your plans soon for these popular networking events taking place in 2023!

6. C3 Conference 2023 – C3 Conference

This is a conference that you must plan for in the fall and attend in February 2023. 

C3 Conference 2023 is a gathering of thousands of leaders from all walks of life and from all over the world. The people who gather for this conference are passionate about boosting their level of excellence and blessing churches with this passion for serving impeccably. The ultimate goal for people who meet at this event is to bring hope to all communities.

C3 Conference 2022 was an enormous success, with numerous attendees expressing their enthusiasm for the event. As one attendee posted:

“It’s been amazing!!!” 

Be sure to join one of the biggest gatherings for church leaders in 2023.

C3 Conference 2023: Grapevine, TX, February 15–16, 2023

7. Exponential Orlando 2023

Attend the world’s largest gathering of church multiplication leaders and reconnect with like-minded friends and make new connections. Exponential Orlando Conference was created to empower church multiplication leaders to move with the spirit and expand the Kingdom.

With over 200 different thought leaders, including Dave Ferguson, in over 150 different sessions, your passion will indeed be renewed, along with your calling to meet ministry challenges

There are so many positive things to report about Exponential, and people are already talking about the 2023 conference:

“Ready for Exponential!”

Exponential Orlando 2023 Conference: Orlando, FL, March 6–9, 2023

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8. ARC Conference 2023 – Association of Related Churches

The details of this conference are TBD but the initial branding for it looks like this will certainly be a vibrant and nourishing event that should not be missed. If the ARC 2022 conference reviews and excitement are anything to go by, ARC Conference 2023 is sure to be wonderful.

ARC Conference 2023: Birmingham, AL, April 25–26, 2023


Who’s ready for some in-person networking? With opportunities like these, you and your ministry will be further ahead after gathering with like-minded people who want to extend the Kingdom and inspire each other’s journeys. 

Which of these conferences are you attending? Tell us in the comments.