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5 Things Over 800 Pastors Say
June 25, 2021
We originally created this infographic a few years back. However, post-Covid… these things are more true than ever. As you make your plans… keep these time tested insights in your mind!
I am grateful for the team at LifeWay Research and NewChurches for The State of Church Planting in the US report they released. At Portable Church Industries, we work with hundreds of church planters each year to assist them in planning, preparing, and launching new churches in rented spaces. We see and hear a lot and I was curious to see if NewChurches would recognize the same trends and critical success factors as we have. They did. It is surprising to see these stand the test of time especially during and coming out of Covid.
The Kingdom of Christ is most impacted by effective and frequent launching of new churches. The NewChurches Report found what we find: at church plants, you are more likely to find non-believers, new residents of the community, and have greater leadership participation.
In addition, having a highly public presence for the new church plant affects attendance, discipleship, leadership development, and financial sustainability. Interestingly, across the board, churches that launched in schools (a very highly public place) consistently had greater average worship attendance than churches launching elsewhere.
Yet, establishing a thriving church in a rented space has its unique challenges. Partnering with a company that has expertise in maximizing the worship, children’s and visitor experience increases the likelihood of the church’s success, financial sustainability, and long-term effectiveness. At Portable Church Industries we celebrate the recent surge in church planting and stand ready to assist church plants launch strong in very visible public places like schools, movie theaters, community centers, and much more.
We hope you enjoy this resource we’ve created from some of the great information found in The State of Church Planting in the U.S. 2015 Report. To access the full report, become a member at NewChurches.com!