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Why Kids Are Loving Churches In Classrooms
July 28, 2021

Kids can’t wait to get to school on Sundays. Yes, that’s right! An increasing number of portable churches are launching in public venues including school gyms and classrooms. And, kids are just loving the fun and welcoming environment that these churches are creating!

Do you want to engage children in new and creative ways at your church? The freedom to experiment is one of the biggest advantages that portable churches enjoy! Here’s some inspiration from real churches that have transformed regular schools into exciting and engaging spaces for kids.

Cooking up a lesson in faith

The erstwhile ordinary cafeteria of Topsail Middle School now doubles up as a colorful environment for the Reno Kids – the children’s ministry at Renovation Church, NC. Here, the youngest churchgoers crawl and play together in a comfortable space where loving volunteers keep them occupied with coloring, songs and storytelling.

That’s not all! Camp Renovate, for elementary kids, successfully reflects the adventure and thrill of God’s word for that age group. Here, leaders and kids break off into small groups that meet in classroom-sized tents. Creativity at its best, isn’t it?

Meeting in a box

The Seaside Community Church of Huntington Beach, CA, has indeed unleashed its creative juices! This church puts a storage container on the property of Sowers Middle School to fantastic use.

On Sundays, this 40-foot shipping container is set up with couches and bookcases. In addition, some AstroTurf is rolled out under a big canopy in the front to create a casual and fun spot for teens to gather and learn about God. What’s not to love?

Keeping parents happy

Ensuring the safety and security of kids is one of the primary responsibilities of any church. And Faithbridge Church, TX, was able to assure parents that their kids are safe and well-cared for during their weekend services.

Faithbridge meets at an elementary school in Woodlands. The experts at Portable Church designed a solution that enables Faithbridge to use portable check-in units where parents print name and security tags for their children. Moreover, these custom units are integrated with a central database, further ensuring a secure environment for the kids.

Action Church in Oviedo, FL, is another portable church that meets at a high school. This church has successfully established systems and processes to ensure a comfortable and inviting experience for children from the word go! Parents and kids are welcomed at the curbside and a volunteer escorts each child to the classroom after check-in. Moreover, the kids’ areas are set up independently from the main worship area as an added safety measure.

Both Faithbridge and Action Church have transformed school spaces into safe, comfortable and engaging areas for their children’s ministries. Isn’t that what every parent wants?

Each of these churches (along with hundreds more) partnered with Portable Church Industries to successfully transform the different schools to meet their specific needs. In fact, our experts have helped hundreds of churches move into movie theaters, community centers, restaurants and more (even a casino!).

If you are looking to launch your church in a public space, we can take care of all the groundwork for you! Give us a call at 800.939.7722 today, and we’ll help you find the perfect venue to launch in.