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Why CODE Series?
May 4, 2020

What makes a CODE Series solution different from others

It has been said that a person will decide within the first 4 minutes of stepping into your church building if they will return or not. However, today this goes beyond the physical experience within a building. The virtual experience is now the new “sticking factor”. Statistically, 27% of viewers will abandon a livestream after the first buffering wheel and another 40% after the second interruption.

It is increasingly clear that live streaming is going to be with us for a long time. At the beginning of this pandemic, churches were forced to rush into making quick decisions about live streaming equipment, service, etc. However, now that the rush is over, it is becoming clear that the viability of the solutions initially chosen is much more important and some initially thought. Live streaming is here to stay, even when we begin meeting in physical buildings again. Begin thinking of your live streaming experience as a campus… an extension of your church. Quality is just as important for your congregation’s experience at your virtual campus as it is at your physical campus.

The internet is flooded with different products, methods, services, etc. for live streaming production. This makes it very difficult to know what to look for and how to process the information being received. For those of you asking the question, “What makes the CODE Series solutions different from everything else?”, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to make an informed decision.

 “One-Stop Shop” – compatibility from the start!

One of the biggest stresses when beginning live streaming is knowing where to begin, not only with product, but with a streaming service as well. The CODE Series is a full “one-stop shop” solution that includes, not only the equipment needed for live streaming (encoder, video conversion, audio embedding, camera, tripod, video switcher, multiview monitor, etc.), but integration to the Resi streaming platform as well.

Integrated Solution

The CODE Series solutions are integrated solutions. This means when you receive it, you don’t receive pieces and parts. We take care of the solution design, wiring, and configuration. With everything connected inside the rack for ease of use and deployment, it arrives to you it is ready to go. Even with solution that include a video switcher, multiview monitor, etc., these solutions are packaged and integrated to be deployed and used when it arrives.

Resi Streaming Technology

With all other streaming options, whenever there is packet loss on your internet connection, your viewers will face a buffering wheel. As mentioned above, after the second buffering interruption, 40% of your online viewers will have left your stream. Resi has developed the only solution which corrects for this issue by resending and correcting data on a 2-minute delay. This patented technology is called Resilient Streaming Protocol, which enables reliable streaming even on bad internet connections, and reduces streaming complaints by over 85% on average. This results in a much more stable online viewing experience that increases viewer retention and your online audience size over time.


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Written By: Matt Groves, Director of Consulting