Portable Church System Maintenance
July 8, 2020

Whether you’ve only had your custom Portable Church® Solution for a few months or you are prepping for your re-opening…

You love it! Your system has created an easy setup and teardown process for you and your team. You know exactly where everything is when you open your trailer on Sunday morning. A new volunteer can quickly catch on during setup. You love the flexibility of being portable!

So, how do you keep your awesome Portable Church® gear and system, well….awesome?

Here’s a quick rundown of the ways you can keep your system, facility, and community in great shape! Plus if you currently aren’t using the system due to shut down, now is the perfect time to go through this list!

Trailer Care

  • Grease the trailer door hinges and continue on a regular basis.
  • Check the wheel hub caps and grease if necessary.
  • Check the battery and connections.
  • Check the tire pressure, the wear on the tires, and the lug nuts.
  • Get under your trailer and inspect the welds every six months.
  • Verify that your Breakaway Switch and it’s battery work. See your manual for instructions.
  • Inspect the torsion door assist springs and cable for fraying and wear.

Audio/Video Equipment Care

  • Clean the projector filters. Continue cleaning every 2-3 months.
  • If you don’t have a backup projector bulb, now may be a good time to consider one.
  • Check all cables (A/C, mic, lighting, etc.) for loose connections. Most are repairable or may still be under warranty!
  • For any piece of gear that has a fan, clean with a shot of compressed air.
  • Clean the mixing console and keyboards (high-touch areas) with watered down Windex (50/50). Spray your towel (not your gear), then wipe down.
  • Check the connections inside the racks to ensure connection points are securely mounted.

Case Care

  • Look through every case and remove all the random unneeded items that don’t belong.
  • Relabel, re-organize as changes are made.
  • Check the case hardware to ensure they are working properly. Repairing now, saves repairing more later.
  • Our cases are designed to easily grow along with you. Don’t be afraid to move shelves around to accommodate new items, or change the layout for increased efficiency!
  • We love our cases! Call us with any questions or needs you have about them!

Kids / Community Care

  • Clean and descale your coffee brewer with vinegar every 3-6 months.
  • Clean all plastic toys with disinfectant and wash all fabric toys regularly.
  • Re-organize and recycle/dispose of any items not being used in the Children’s Ministry cases.
  • Free the goldfish! Vacuum the case interiors to remove any straggling snacks.
  • Wipe down all community care equipment with sanitizing sheets.
  • Restock consumables (baby items, coffee items, etc.).

These next two may take some creativity during lockdown, but once church is re-open in a venue and up to full capacity, these principles will be important. 

Venue Care

  • On your service days, show appreciation to any staff at the facility that might be working to ensure you have a great Sunday morning.
  • During the venues regular work week, bring the staff or owners coffee, gift cards, and maybe even a food truck lunch!
  • Write the leader, owner, or landlord of the facility a thank you note.
  • Be mindful of the facility assets in all your activities. Leave everything the way you found it, if not better. If you damage anything, replace it without having to be asked!
  • Consider asking the venue what technology or equipment they have been wanting but haven’t been able to afford, and then buy it for them!

Volunteer / Staff Care

  • Throw a party for your team. 
  • Start doing a volunteer of the month celebration from stage or on social media.
  • Take your volunteers or a team of volunteers to lunch, or bring in a special breakfast.
  • Show the same appreciation to volunteers that you show to your staff, and vice versa.
  • Call us for some great ideas about how you can develop a great team and culture within your church!

With proper care, your system should last for years! Be intentional about taking care of your equipment, and instill the same practice in your team. If you have had your system for several months, be mindful that your warranties will be expiring soon. Check for glitches, tears, or anything else that can be repaired or replaced under warranty.

If you have any issues with your system or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us! And if you need to buy a few more items, check out our online store. We are here to serve you in all of your portable needs.