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30 Questions to Ask When Evaluating Venues for Your Mobile Church
April 25, 2020

Looking at venues for your mobile church?

Choosing the right venue for your church launch is absolutely crucial! The venue for your mobile church not only plays a key role in determining how you engage the community, but also sets the pace for church growth. Ron Sylvia pastor of Church @ The Springs in Ocala, FL & church planter coach tells his planters “We shape our buildings and then our buildings shape us.” Which is exactly why we have put together 30 key questions that you need to ask when evaluating different venues for your portable church launch. Check these out. 

Location & Accessibility

The church facility that you finally move into must be conveniently located in the target area, with adequate parking and easy accessibility. It is important that you ask the following questions:

  1. Is this facility easily accessible for families, single parents and visitors in general?
  2. Does the facility have adequate parking spots?
  3. Is it accessible via both stairs and elevator(s)? Is it handicap accessible and ADA compliant? Will it be easy for volunteers to carry equipment in and out of the building?
  4. Will the venue be conducive to reaching out and building community?

Facilities & Design

The layout and facilities available are also key factors to consider while reviewing potential venues to move into. Make sure you ask these questions:

  1. Is there ample space to fit the number of adults and children you are expecting?
  2. Is there more than one meeting space for adults and kids? Is there a backup space that can be used in case of maintenance or other issues?
  3. Does the facility have seating? Are there adequate seats with the capacity to handle future expansion?
  4. Does the venue come with a stage? If yes, what size? If not, is there a convenient location to set one up?
  5. How many restrooms are available? According to international standards, the minimum number of toilets per attendee in places of worship is 1 per 75 women and 1 per 150 men. Does the venue meet this requirement? How close are the restrooms to the main worship area? 
  6. Is there a kitchen space for you to use?
  7. Is there a spacious lobby? Does it have enough room for greeting, welcome tables and signage?
  8. Does the venue have adequate lighting?
  9. Will the electrical capacity be able to handle all your equipment? Are there enough electrical outlets to plug in the audio and video equipment, lighting, coffee makers etc.?
  10. Is the air-conditioning/heater in working condition?

Cost & Affordability

A key consideration for launching a church in any venue is cost. It is imperative that you choose a venue that turns out to be an asset, instead of a burden on your finances. While portable venues already eliminate high costs and any ongoing or hidden expenses, it is still important that you ask the following cost-related questions:

  1. How much does the facility cost? Does it sit well with your budget?
  2. Will you need to pay for any additional services, facilities or personnel besides the rent?
  3. What are the landlord’s expectations regarding payment for any damage or repairs of equipment/venue?  

Equipment & Setting Up

Setting up and tearing down equipment is an essential part of running a portable church. Therefore, asking these questions sooner rather than later can save your volunteers much headache:

  1. At what time is your team allowed to set up? And, by what time does it have to leave the facility?
  2. Is there any on-site storage space available? If not, will it be easy to load and unload equipment?
  3. If you have to bring your seats to the facility – will you be able to store them on-site?
  4. What existing equipment on the facility is available for you to use? If launching in a school, can you use the school’s projector and chairs?
  5. If asked to use another part of the facility on a weekend, will you able to move their equipment there?
  6. Can the facility be used mid-week or on special occasions?

Children’s Areas

Transforming a portable church venue into the perfect setup for your children’s ministry does not have to be difficult! Asking the right questions can make sure that kids, parents and volunteers remain happy:

  1. Will you able to section off the children’s areas for security?
  2. Is there a restroom that can be converted into an exclusive one for children?
  3. Will you be able to set up more than one children’s areas for different age groups?
  4. Will it be possible for you to accommodate more kids by either shifting around furniture or moving to another area/room?


First-time visitors form opinions about your portable church as soon as they walk in! Therefore, it is important that you ask the right questions beforehand, so that their experience is a pleasant one:

  1. How do you feel when you walk into the facility? What is the aroma of the facility? More importantly, how do you think a newcomer will feel?
  2. Are you allowed to bring food and beverages into the building? Is the facility conducive for after-service coffee and snacks?
  3. Finally, one of the MOST IMPORTANT questions: Does the venue complement the vision of your church? Or, is it incongruous with the heart and mission of your church?

What other questions should churches be asking while looking for the right portable venue? We hope that this list of questions will help you find the perfect facility for your church. Our experts at Portable Church have helped hundreds of churches find and move into the perfect venues for their specific needs! Interested? Call 800.939.7722 and we’ll make the whole process a breeze for you! Portable Church Techs