Virtual Consultations
April 9, 2020

New times provide new opportunities… Consults and a revamped process!

COVID-19 is shutting many things down, but the church is continually shifting, amping up, and thinking ahead for the future… In this future planning, church campusing and planting continues to drive forward!
Planning for 2020 was already strong headed into this crisis, and while there has certainly been a big pause while everyone figures out digital church for this moment in time… It is already being felt that when we emerge out of this, the Church is going to be even stronger and there will be more opportunities for plants and new campuses!
In fact we have set-up a half dozen new consultations in just the past week with churches looking toward the future. That is exciting news, and we feel it will continue growing in the weeks to come.
To help equip your future plans right now, we have completely revamped our virtual consultation process! While we have been doing virtual consults for over 25 years, we’ve made it an even better and more thorough experience for these times! Our entire consulting crew has spent the past 2 weeks pouring over the process developing a new systematic approach. New workflows, applications, virtual assistants, apps and pre-planning all the tools you will need for this experience.
With that said, if you can’t get into your venue right now – No worries, we have processes to work around that!
We believe strongly that the church is growing and that multiplication is going to be needed even more now. In response, we are wanting to offer greater access to our consulting services which allows you to save money now, focus your team on engaging community and setting you up with a system keeps volunteers happy and focused on the right things… the church body.
Watch this video for details on what is included in a consultation, or engage one of our reps for even great detail per your exact vision!

Fill out this form, write us at, or call us at 248-705-8660 to schedule your virtual consultation today!

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