Vlog: Multisite Launch Checklist

Last Updated on: Feb 6, 2019 @ 9:38 am

Kevin Jones: Hello, church! It is Kevin Jones again, we are here with the five minute Monday. This is your second installation that is happening. We have Jeff Beachum with us here again, who is our multiplication specialist, and before we go into him a bit more I want you guys to go to our website and check this out. If you’ve already downloaded the multi-site journey, it’s been completely refreshed and redone.

Jeff Beachum: Yep, it looks really sharp.

Kevin Jones: We’ve been having a lot of great response to it, and so there was some requests that we got that were from churches that they wanted us to implement, so we did, and just made the whole thing brand new and look so much better. So go in there and check it out, this is the new version of it, and you’ll see some of the cool things are … how do I get it on there? There you go.Kevin Jones: So it has the different phases broken out better, plan, prep, launch, grow. You now have some due dates that you can put in there, a little notes section. All around it’s just so much better than what it was before. Thanks to you guys’ input for that. So Jeff, we have you here again. Jeff is our multiplication specialist at Portable Church.

Jeff Beachum: This is fun. Very exciting?

Kevin Jones: It is?

Jeff Beachum: Yeah.

Kevin Jones: It is.

Jeff Beachum: I enjoy this.

Kevin Jones: So if you were with us last week, we had the snowpocalypse, or the polar vortex.

Jeff Beachum: We’re survivors.

Kevin Jones: Whatever you want to call it. And we did survive, we made it home. It was pretty crazy, I will say. But, we’re alive.

Jeff Beachum: Sub-zero temperatures.

Kevin Jones: Yeah, yep. But we’re used to it here in Michigan. School was out for pretty much the entire week. My wife was going a little bit crazy. But hey, everything’s back to normal now. So Jeff is our multiplication specialist, as I was saying. He is the guy who travels around the country meeting churches that have a big vision for multiplication and they’re trying to figure out, “How do I do this better, faster, cheaper?” And he meets with different church planting groups, and with the site groups, different coaches …

Jeff Beachum: The church is alive and well.

Kevin Jones: A lot of churches. And so he meets with them, talks with them, figures out their culture, their environments, what they’re trying to do, and then helps coach them along in that journey. So …

Jeff Beachum: Thirty thousand foot.

Kevin Jones: Thirty thousand foot. We are going to go into the … we’re not gonna start the cloud yet, we’re just gonna do a quick recap of what we went through last week. Jeff, as quickly as you can, give us a little summary of the tool about mapping your multi-site journey.

Jeff Beachum: So mapping your multi-site journey is a thirty thousand foot view of the process that a church takes to go from, basically, here to there. And that means from the vision of whatever the church is intending to become with regard to multiplication, and then going to launch and thriving in that launch. It includes the planning stage, the preparation stage, the launch and land stage, took us a while to figure that one out, but we launch and land at the same time in that particular stage, and then the thrive stage. Which is the most exciting, ’cause that’s where we get to see the church being the church and getting out there, and we see them maturing and the lots coming to know Jesus.

Kevin Jones: So that’s probably one of the biggest reasons why we have come up with this launching your multi-site journey, map and guideline, is that when churches have a great experience the first time, they are excited about doing it again a second, third, fourth, twenty times. We’ve got clients that are on their 18th, 19th, 20th launch. And so they’ve perfected it, we’ve gotten to partner with them. We want to be able to offer that wisdom to you guys so that you have a great experience on that launch number one. Where not just you the leader, but your entire congregation is super excited about doing the next one.

Kevin Jones: So last week we focused on the planning stage.

Jeff Beachum: Yeah.

Kevin Jones: Do a quick recap of the planning stage.

Jeff Beachum: Planning stage is easy. It’s internal, it’s for the leadership team. It’s where the vision really begins to take shape internally. So all of the leaders get on the same page, they hammer out what that vision looks like, and they hammer out the strategies that they want to use to make that vision come to life. So that’s what’s involved.

Kevin Jones: Yeah. So what is the bottom line of the planning stage?

Jeff Beachum: The bottom line for the planning stage is an old adage, “Fail to plan and plan to fail.” So if you really are careless in that first stage of planning, and just kinda rip through it thinking you’ve got this, and it’s no big deal, and you don’t nail everything down, just plan to fail. Because it’s gonna be really hard. We know God is gracious and he can pull us out when we do fail, but I think God makes us smart and wise so that we can plan so that we can succeed with his vision for us.

Kevin Jones: Yep. So I’m busting out my stopwatch right now.

Jeff Beachum: Alright.

Kevin Jones: This is five minute Mondays, so we have five minutes to talk about the next phase. We just summed up the planning phase.

Jeff Beachum: Yep.

Kevin Jones: What’s next, in five minutes?

Jeff Beachum: Okay. I don’t think it’s gonna take five minutes, but we’ll be able to share a little bit. So in the second phase … So in the first phase, it’s, if you fail to plan, plan to fail. And the second one is another old adage and that is, “Plan your work and work your plan.” So you’ve spent a great deal of time hammering out the plans and the strategies for what that vision is going to look like when it becomes a reality. And so now, you’re putting all of that into practice. And this is where the assignments come in, the deadlines come in, and you’re bringing more stakeholders into that circle and helping them understand what the vision is going to look like when it becomes a reality. So in that piece, instead of just thinking about what the vision is now, the leadership team has to cast that vision out and share with people what it’s going to look like when this is a reality. And that’s usually done by the lead pastor. And it could be done by a series, a preaching series. It could be done by a video. It could be done a lot of effective ways. And we’ve actually captured some great ways that churches have cast that vision to their congregation. Another piece of that is beginning to look at communities. So now you’ve thought kind of romantically about some places that God might be leading you, but now you’re actually going into communities and looking at some of the demographics. And looking at some of the detail about, this is demographically and geographically who God has made us now. And is there another community that God might be calling us to?

Kevin Jones: Quickly, to jump in, we actually have a brand new partnership with Gloo where we are now able to help you guys on a much more detailed and intimate level finding what that next pocket is going to be. What city that’s going to be that you launch into. And it really breaks down each of your individual surrounding areas and tells you, “Hey, here is, if your culture and your demographic is this at your main campus, and you want to try and reach that in another city.” We can go into new cities and do a complete breakdown of income, of divorce rates, of major struggles now that they’re having, that you can actually do a sermon series around. You can, “Hey, that’s the city I want to go to,” and it’s specifically how to target them. So it’s just really cool.

Jeff Beachum: Yeah. It really is. And we’ve got a dashboard that breaks out the whole idea of going into a community pretty methodically. And so it would be really helpful to have that tool as a church begins to look at where God wants them to go. Another key phase, piece, to this is, the second stage, is the redesign of your organizational structure. Organizational structures are meant to be changed quite often. And when you go multi-site, you’re definitely gonna have to change the dotted lines and the solid lines and who is doing what. And quite probably bringing on new team members who have to catch that vision.

Kevin Jones: Yeah. I think it’s really important to say, too, like, for a brand new multi-site church, if you’re only doing one campus, the organizational structure doesn’t need to change all that much. But if your vision is doing anything more than just two campuses, there really is that need for that organizational structure to have it internally and the earlier you start to do that, the much easier it’s going to be for you to launch more campuses more quickly beyond that, too, if you start making those organizational structures in advance.

Jeff Beachum: Yeah. And it’s gonna be really important that you have a champion and an implementer to keep track of what is going on organizationally. A couple more things that you’ll want to be paying attention to in this stage is the generosity campaign. When you cast that vision, you’re going to be asking other stakeholders, typically the congregation, to get engaged. And the generosity campaign that you will want to have not only involves financial support but also support of themselves. Perhaps the best resource that they can give is of themselves.

Kevin Jones: Right.

Jeff Beachum: And then of course facility selection and finalizing the budget. So that’s all in that stage.

Kevin Jones: So one thing that you had mentioned earlier with the generosity campaign, one big thing, I know a lot of churches are starting to catch on to this vision but, generosity as a whole for the church as opposed to doing a capital campaign makes it easy for you as a multi-site church to plant more campuses going forward when you really get that culture of generosity inside of your church. So the bottom line, what is the bottom line, your paraphrase, of the preparation stage?

Jeff Beachum: So the bottom line of the preparation stage is that you’ve successfully brought that next level, that next ring of stakeholders into the fold and they understand what the vision is, they understand what God is calling you to do, and they understand what their part is.

Kevin Jones: Yeah. Good. So that is it, we actually hit five minutes almost exact. I’m gonna hit the stopwatch right now. But, in the meantime, one thing that you guys need to do is, one, go to portablechurch.com/mschecklist and download that new updated version that I talked about earlier. If you ever have any questions, make sure you contact this guy right here, Jeff Beachum. What’s your email address?

Jeff Beachum: I’m happy to … my email address is jeff.beachum@portablechurch.com, and I’d be happy to walk through this document or any of the other tools that we have with anyone that’s interested. I just love helping churches be successful, and reaching people.

Kevin Jones: That’s good. And if you have any questions, if you’re anywhere on that multi-site journey and you have questions that you want us to cover, even next week, or in weeks to come, drop some comments below. Let us know what those questions are. We’d be more than happy to take a look at them and answer them. And then lastly, just tune in next Monday and we’ll see you for the next five minute Monday talking about … what’s the next phase?

Jeff Beachum: The next phase is implementation, where we launch and land.

Kevin Jones: The launch.

Jeff Beachum: Yes.

Kevin Jones: That’s right. Alright. So thanks for joining us this week, we’ll see you guys next week. Have a blessed week.

Jeff Beachum: God bless.

Kevin Jones: Bye.