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Brand New Video – Excellence in Portable Church® Environments
April 17, 2019

We believe the church is not a physical building, but it is people who fellowship together. The church is where lives change, where lost people become found, where darkness turns to light, and where ashes turn to beauty. Building the church is what God calls us as believers to do, and the work we do at Portable Church® is based on the core foundation that this work is Christ’s work, and what we do matters to God, because the church matters to God.

We believe portable environments make a permanent impact. “We utilize everything we can, and we say that God is worthy of everything we’ve got and everything we can throw in. He is worthy!”

There are many misconceptions when creating portable church environments. One of the most common, especially among multisite churches, is that excellence and portability cannot coexist. This one misconception even holds some churches back from launching portably.

Certainly, inefficient portable systems can create very engaging and appealing environments, but at what cost? The strain on the volunteers week in and week out with an inefficient solution is unsustainable. The allure of launching portably (lower cost, the ability to respond to needs quicker, the effectiveness of reaching the unchurched, the ability to launch more campuses quicker, etc.) presents a strong case. Inefficient and unsustainable is not the only option. Creating excellence in everything we do is one of our core values. We at Portable Church® have been creating efficient portable church solutions for over 25 years, and excellence has been at the center of them. Creating environments that reflect your culture is key in the experience your people have (not only attendees, but volunteers as well). Volunteers are the “lifeblood” of any ministry, and they are at the heart of every design and solution we create.

Featured in our new video are four churches (three multisite and one plant) that had a need for a high level of excellence in a portable environment. From the worship technology, to the fun and inviting kids and lobby environments, we worked with their teams to achieve a seamless experience across all of their campuses and accomplished a high level of excellence portably.

Worship Technology Highlights from the Churches Featured:

  • 16’W x 9’H LED Video Wall Solution
  • D&B Speaker Solution
  • Yamaha CL Audio Control 
  • Allen & Heath Audio Control
  • Shure and Sennheiser Wireless Microphone and Monitor Solutions
  • Dante Networking
  • MA Lighting Control
  • Martin Lighting Fixtures
  • Chauvet Professional Lighting Fixtures

We are deeply humbled and honored by the opportunity to partner with these 4 churches and help them create a place where people can continue to experience life change and the presence of God.

For more information on how our custom Portable Church® solutions can help you design and produce excellence in a portable environment, please visit portablechurch.com. We can’t wait to get to know you and the vision God has given you for your portable church.