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When Power Meets Kryptonite
December 5, 2019

When God blesses a (church) leader with a clear and compelling vision, they have been given access to a unique and unmatched power.


Unfortunately, I am old enough to reminisce about the original “Adventures of Superman” created in the 1950s. (But proudly, I am young enough to have only viewed them as reruns in the 1960s!)

It may seem odd, but I attribute some of my sense of “truth, justice and the American Way” to Superman. Indeed, it was a simpler time back then. It didn’t take much to capture the imagination of the American public—just a man who possesses otherworldly powers to do what needed to be done. No matter what evil came along, Superman was up to the task of making everything right again. Now that’s power!

But then kryptonite was introduced to the storyline! It was the fictional material that emitted peculiar radiation that drained Superman of his power. Fun fact here—22 forms of kryptonite were used to render Superman powerless in various ways over the life of the series!

Again – When God blesses a (church) leader with a clear and compelling vision, they have been given a kind of power that allows for some amazing things to happen in and through the local church. We don’t see (church) leaders “leaping tall buildings with a single bound,” but we can see them communicating and executing a great and powerful God-given vision.  

One of the strategies He has blessed for the last four decades is that of multisiting. God blesses the strategies that help deliver a vision for a strong and growing Kingdom.  Hope is delivered to new communities in the form of healthy people undeniably being the light and salt in their own neighborhoods.

Then Kryptonite!  Ugh!!

The early pioneers of the “Multisite Movement” were given a powerful vision. After almost four decades of innovating and executing this strategy, multisite has proven to be an effective tool for stimulating growth in the church.  Today, there are some local churches just knocking it out of the multisite-park so to speak.


Very real speedbumps in the form of organizational chaos and financial stress from real estate and property expenses can quickly threaten the progress of even the most powerful vision.  About the latter, churches are regularly making vision-altering decisions due to the influences of untenable property expenses (kryptonite).  Executive team leaders are declaring, “Right now, today, we are losing money on a property that we can’t afford.”  And it is desperate claims such as this that call the church back to a manageable and balanced property portfolio – especially in a multisiting strategy that is adding campuses.

Is your church’s property portfolio consistent with the Kingdom vision God has given you?

The Kryptonite of Multisite Momentum is a new FREE RESOURCE designed for church leaders blessed with a white-hot vision for kingdom growth. Check out the story of how one church faced one of its threats of kryptonite and is winning. 

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