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Vlog: Excellence in Portable Churches
May 13, 2019

Production excellence in portability

While teaching at SXSW, our friend and Portable Church client, Carey Nieuwhof, recently wrote about 7 things he learned about how the world is changing (again). He goes on to put this into the perspective of the church. He says “Production And Branding are Very much alive… You couldn’t look right or left without seeing banners and graphics everywhere… But it wasn’t saying look how cool I am. It was just cool.” Read more here. We at Portable Church have also been discovering the level of excellence changing as the world is changing. In this vlog, we specifically address these changes.

Because of the world we live in today, people expect a certain level of excellence in everything, no matter what it is. The church should be no different in people’s expectations of excellence. Excellence can mean many things to different people, however, these are specifics on how to achieve excellence in portable environments.

We can’t express enough the importance of clearly delivering your vision, mission, and culture at your launch.

Our friend, Jim Tomberlin, at Multisite Solutions, recently wrote about 16 mistakes he regularly finds multisite church campuses make. One of his main points revealed how the church can sometimes under- deliver the church experience. Tomberlin explains how difficult it can be for a church to deliver the same quality experience at a multisite campus as it offers at its sending campus. He goes on to say “we would not expect less from a new Starbucks store, so why would we expect less from God’s business?” This struggle of under-delivering is one of the main obstacles that will hinder you from expressing the DNA of what and who your church is. When it comes to multiplying your reach by deploying a church campus in a new city, remember the Starbucks approach – deliver the same experience just in a different location.

The right tools for the right job. The balance between replicating your churches DNA with excellence, and setting your team up for success week after week.

When beginning with a high level of production excellence in a permanent facility, transferring that same level of quality to a portable environment can seem like an impossible challenge. However, with today’s technology and innovative ideas, this task is not unreachable. A lot of the portable systems we create have a very complex backbone on the front-end to allow for volunteer ease-of-use on the back-end. We take care of that complexity, so the church’s staff and volunteers don’t have too. The right tools not only allow a church to replicate high-quality environments for the people attending, but also gives your team the ability to consistently create those quality environments on a weekly basis. Consistency and repeatability, with an outcome of excellence, has been our approach for 25 years and continues to be.

The art of capturing and replicating who you are for a portable environment.

Our Portable Church® design consultants have both a permanent and portable background. This gives them a well-rounded and objective view when designing a system. They know what aspects of a permanent system are needed to deliver a quality experience and how to replicate that into a portable space. Our design team will meet with you and take a strategic look at the “why” of what your church is wanting to accomplish. Once we discover the “why”, we can create the “how”. Collaborating with your team allows us to dive deep into who you are, the vision God has given you, and the atmosphere we want to create to accomplish that vision.

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For some examples of how we provide excellence, watch this video.