Vlog: Breakdown of Launching a Successful Mutisite Campus

Last Updated on: Feb 15, 2019 @ 2:09 pm

Kevin: Hello again, Church!
Jeff: Hey, Church, it’s good to see you.
Kevin: It is Kevin Jones from Portable Church Industries, and Jeff Beachum.
Jeff: Still.
Kevin: Still. Who is, again, our multiplication specialist traveling the country. He is actually going to be taking off tomorrow to go to Houston to strategize more multiplication, and put together all kinds of interesting partners.
Jeff: Yeah.
Kevin: To figure out the whole multiplication side of things for Multi-site. It’s gonna be really neat. So, we have to look out for that.
Jeff: But the Church is exciting these days.
Kevin: It is.
Jeff: A lot going on.
Kevin: So, Jeff is like a coach and a guide for us, and he has been walking us through the Multi-site Journey.
Jeff: Yup.
Kevin: And we have gone through four weeks now, and we have two more weeks to go, and then the following week, I’m gonna be talking to you guys about some of my favorite things, which is the nitty-gritty nuts and bolts type of things. There’s common questions that happen all the time that people are asking about, they’re posting about on some of our sites, and so we’re like, “Let’s talk about those things in person.” And if you have any of those questions, definitely drop some questions down below and I will be targeting those things in the next couple weeks. I’m gonna be starting off with how to lose volunteers.
Jeff: Ooh.
Kevin: And there’s one thing that I see happen all the time. People think they’re being really helpful and it’s just a horrible thing. So I’m gonna talk to you guys about that. But today, we’re back to the Multi-site Journey. Mapping Your Multi-site Journey. We’ve already gone through two-
Jeff: Two.
Kevin: The first one being?
Jeff: The planning stage.
Kevin: Right.
Jeff: So, we want to get from here to there. We want to get from the vision to reality of a ministry. And so in the planning stage, it is all about the visionary pulling together his intimate, core team and honing out what that vision looks like. Adding clarity to that and then putting a strategy to it.
Kevin: Yup. And then the second stage is the-
Jeff: Preparation stage.
Kevin: Preparation stage.
Jeff: And that’s where you actually begin to widen the net, and you bring in more stakeholders, which is usually the congregation, additional leaders, sometimes community leaders where you are giving them the vision and you’re telling them about the strategy, and allowing them to participate.
Kevin: And then we’re on the fourth stage. That is the-
Jeff: Third stage.
Kevin: I’m sorry. The third stage.
Jeff: That’s all right.
Kevin: Getting a little bit ahead of ourselves. Which is the launch and land stage.
Jeff: The launch and land stage.
Kevin: So, what is this execution? What does launch and land mean, and what is the execution of it all?
Jeff: So, the launch and land stage is-
Kevin: Oh, hey. Time out. This is the beginning of our five minutes. So, this is five minute Mondays, I am starting our countdown timer right now. Five minutes.
Jeff: Pressure’s on.
Kevin: Pressure is on.
Jeff: On the clock.
Kevin: Ready? Go. Here we go.
Jeff: So, the launch and land stage involves execution. It’s where all the excitement for the planning and the preparation begin to take shape. It’s where all of the pieces start coming together. You start seeing facilities and systems, and all kinds of opportunity for great production at your church to take place. It’s where more members begin to engage in that process. So, at the beginning of the launch stage, you’re launching a group of people into a new community. And the beginning of that is you’re finalizing your budget, you’re actually beginning to spend your budget, and you’re spending your budget on maybe some new personnel that you’ve decided you need.
Kevin: Yeah.
Jeff: You might be spending your budget on a facility that you’re looking at getting into in that new community, or perhaps it could be on arranging that facility so that it welcomes new believers into the facility.
Kevin: So that’s where we start coming in as the landing phase. This is the beginning of the landing phase where we actually come in and we’ll do … We actually encourage you guys to make a phone call to us, first. You give us the vision, you give us the ideas and the concepts that you’re trying to accomplish, and what kind of venues you’re checking out, and we will talk to you about the pros and the cons of different venues. We’ll talk to you about that big, broad thing, the opportunities, and some potential areas of concern that we’re seeing.
Kevin: And from there, we’ll want to do a consultation with you, about three to four months out. And that’s where we come out there and really get to the nitty-gritty detail-
Jeff: So it’s where we take one of our guys-
Kevin: Yeah, one of our consultants.
Jeff: And we fly them out-
Kevin: Fly them out there. Meet you in person. We want to look at your venue. We want to look at your current facility. Get a really good gauge as to your current culture. We want to know about you budget. We want to know about every single little detail about what you’re trying to do, and then we design a system around it from there, and we will present it to you and say, “Hey. Here are the drawings. Here’s what it’s going to look like on your launch day.” It’s a really exciting time.
Jeff: And even a ballpark figure. Because that will help finalize some of the budget stuff.
Kevin: We do that. We get with the kids, the community people. The tech people. The pastor. We just really want to capture all those details.
Jeff: Yup. So while that design process is going on so that we could capture all the information in order to make the right design, back at the church, the church leaders, campus pastor, executive pastor, senior pastor, they are all engaged in the process of creating momentum, and to create momentum with two different groups. The first group is the core launch team, and those are the workers that are gonna come alongside that want to be trained on what they’re going to be doing, how they greet people in the community? How to work in the children’s environments? How to create a hospitality zone that is just awesome, and that will greet new people in and make them feel very comfortable. And so while that training is going on, another group is being trained, and that is the congregation.
Kevin: Yup.
Jeff: So we help the church determine who all lives in that new community that you want to launch into, and we begin to create momentum behind the idea of them reaching out into their subdivisions, into the neighborhood, into their workplaces, and saying, “Hey, I go to a great church. It really speaks the Word of God into my living, and I’d like you to come along with me.”
Kevin: So, as the church is doing that, we have put the system into an order and we place an order through us, and we get that in and begin to integrate it. We order everything, we track it. The serial numbers of every single item that comes in, so that if you ever have a problem in the future going forward, give us a call and we can do very quick repairs.
Kevin: Also, we start doing things like this. Where we have Peter Halicki in the back right now, who is interacting, and wiring, and testing everything out, and we really kind of squeeze out every single little piece of efficiency out of this so that you guys can have a very, very fast system. Right now, we’ve got a Living As One video system. We’ve got a little mini-Midas that’s going to a kids’ area. You’ll see the cases in the back. So, we start integrating all of this stuff to really get everything ready for that prep.
Jeff: And it’s tested ahead of time, and while all of that is being tested and built, and designed, and pulled together, back at the church again, the church leadership and the volunteer teams are actually engaging in the community. You haven’t landed in the community yet, and yet you want to make an impression. You want to be welcomed with open arms. So you might engage with people, with the administration, or with the community doing work projects, and reaching out physically in the community.
Kevin: And it all culminates with the Portable Church Team delivering a system on your premise, and training you in great detail. People always look at is … We’ve had an analogy of an airplane. We build the airplane while you guys are out in your community, building that community, building your team, so that when we show up with that plane, everyone gets on it and just take off with great energy, great strength, and get you guys prepped up to drive. So that is how the whole new system works. That step three. The launch and land.
Jeff: The launch and land stage.
Kevin: Yeah. So, again, if you haven’t downloaded the Mapping your Multi-site Campus thing-
Jeff: Tool.
Kevin: Go to PortableChurch.com/MSchecklist. Also, be looking for our last Vlog for this next week, and if you want to contact Jeff Beachum, he is Jeff.Beachum@PortableChurch.com. Again, just drop some comments below and let us know questions you have.
Jeff: And it doesn’t matter where you are in the process. We’re here for you.
Kevin: All right. Thanks guys. We’ll see you next week.