Vlog: Multi-Site Church Journey Thrive & Grow

Last Updated on: Feb 21, 2019 @ 4:05 pm

5 Minute Monday

We’re back with Kevin & Jeff talking about our Mapping Your Multi-site Journey resource. Here are the key topics from this Vlog about multisite churches and planting a new campus.

  • Vlog videos one (planning stage), two (preparation stage), and three (launch & land) are very broad discussions about the resource. Check them out – and make sure you download this multisite church timeline to dive much deeper into the nity-grity. 
  • The last step…THRIVE!
  • Thriving may be harder than it sounds, and this is the time when your volunteers either love you or hate you. 
  • Team structure is crucial. There needs to be a framework in place for your volunteers to follow. Read more about this in our eBook. 
  • The secret to getting issues/broken things fixed quick & easy. Make sure your teams know the processes for when something breaks.
  • Volunteer job descriptions. They help people know what they are signing up for and it also helps with volunteer retention. Eliminating ambiguity gives your volunteers clear direction and purpose. 

Download Mapping Your Multisite Journey 

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