Vlog: Multi-Site Church Journey Thrive & Grow

Feb 21, 2019

The last step on the Multiste Journey…THRIVE!

Thriving may be harder than it sounds, and this is the time when your volunteers either love you or hate you. 

Team structure is crucial. There needs to be a framework in place for your volunteers to follow, a sort of chain of command. Giving them job descriptions and helping you know how to train them. Having a good grasp on these things really does help the church thrive as a whole. 

Making sure your teams know the processes for when something breaks is another key to thriving post launch. Your team needs to know the secret to getting issues/broken things fixed quick & easy. What can happen is someone breaks something and then it gets put back away in the trailer without letting the person who can replace it know. Without going through the right channels, it could take a while before things get fixed since you only open up your trailer once a week. At Portable Church® we make the replacement/warranty side of your equipment as easy for you as we can. We have relationships with the vendors and we have the serial numbers of all your gear so we can make that as smooth as possible for you. 

Also important to thriving, we recommend writing up volunteer job descriptions. These help your people know what they are signing up for. They also help with volunteer retention. People know what they are doing and what is expected and why they are doing it.  Eliminating ambiguity gives your volunteers clear direction and purpose. All key ingredients to having a thriving multisite church. 

To get more details on how to structure your volunteer team, make sure to check out our team structure eBook.

Download the Mapping Your Multisite Journey resource.

Jeff Beachum, jeff.beachum@portablechurch.com

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