Visions for Launching – New Multisite eBook
February 8, 2018

Latest Multisite Trends eBook by Portable Church Industries and Leadership Network

What’s happening in the movement of multisite churches?

Here’s one big thing: we’re seeing an increase of churches that plant new churches even in the relatively small domain of portable churches that we serve. But there is evidence of a larger, sweeping shift in the way pastors and leaders are thinking about starting their first church in the whole sphere of church planting and reproducing.

We’re seeing church leaders developing their plan with a vision to launch more churches.

In fact, it’s starting to become less about becoming one big congregation and more about growing and multiplying. We’ll begin hearing less about mega churches and more about multiple campuses or sister churches, plus increasingly more network churches. And, of the mega-sites in the US, multisite churches are far more likely to plant more churches than single-site churches.

Some of the best news out of this shift is that multisite campuses are reporting higher growth and conversion rates – yes, people coming to faith in Christ for the first time!

You may be wondering: how do we know all this?

Last year, we partnered with Leadership Network in a survey of over 1,500 pastors who had started churches in the past 7 years. Along with Dr. Warren Bird, we published the first findings of the survey in our eBook 8 Launch Wins: A Study of 1,500-Plus New Churches and Multisite Campuses, which is available for free download.

Now, we’re excited to introduce the latest eBook Latest Multisite Trends: How a New Generation of Pastors is Shifting to Strategies that Reproduce and Multiply.

“If multisite churches were a Protestant denomination, they’d rank first in terms of weekly worship attendance.” – Dr. Bird

This report goes in depth into both the results of our survey as well as the excellent analysis from Dr. Bird, who includes complementary data and findings from other Leadership Network research as well as studies from church planting experts and pastors.

Latest Multisite Trends Table 3

We think this is an excellent resource for any pastor or leader who has even an inkling about branching out and planting a new church or campus.

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