6 Wins That Are Attracting Pastors to Portability

Last Updated on: Jul 16, 2018 @ 12:14 pm

Our clients come to us with all kinds of inspirational, cool, and even fun, “crazy” ideas for their worship, kids, and community areas. And while portability has its unique challenges – largely because of different facilities, team sizes, kingdom-building visions, and budgets – we’re thrilled those churches have made the valuable choice to be portable.

Not everyone feels like we do, because they’ve never done portability before or have done it the hard way; it can be overwhelming, intimidating, and ultimately, there’s usually not a lot of information beyond cost-saving to convince them to do it.

However, the churches we’ve partnered with time and time again come and let us know how big their “wins” are, from wonderful community outreach experiences to rapid growth and happy, connecting volunteers.

All these anecdotal stories are wonderful, and we could spend lots of time sharing those stories; well, we’ve actually done so here and here.

But we have something even better now.

Below are some of the greatest wins that our survey last year with Leadership Network found in new church plants and multisites who have gone portable, reported in our new eBook with Leadership Network.

  • With the expense being frequently less than permanent spaces, more can be invested in ministries that continue to grow the church.
  • Portability creates a tight community through bonding and teamwork; bonds often disappear and are hard to re-create in a permanent facility.
  • People are noticing and feeling connected to a “sacrifice to be involved in a portable situation.”
  • As churches grow, and move into new spaces, the surrounding community is kept aware through marketing efforts. This momentum is noticed and frequently attracts even more people.
  • Rented venues tend to keep their spaces relevant, helping the church space appear fresh, clean, and not dated.

Learn in greater detail what makes portable churches grow 12% faster than permanent facilities, along with other in-depth insights about the latest research in church planting and multisite in our eBook Latest Multisite Trends: How a New Generation of Pastors is Shifting to Strategies that Reproduce and Multiply, written by our partner, Dr. Warren Bird from Leadership Network. This eBook is available for free.

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