Sometimes, Portable Means Both Permanent and Portable
March 22, 2017

Grace Community Church in Falls Church, VA approached us with a challenge that is becoming more common: “We want to launch a new portable campus in a school, but we want to permanently install some equipment. Portable Church, do you do that?” Yes, we do.

We have worked with over 2,500 churches to custom-design their portable solutions. No two church launch solutions are alike. There are unique requirements because of facility constraints, local ordinances, size of volunteer teams and how to maximize their energy and time, the complexity of the system, and church vision. Sometimes, installing permanent equipment in a rented venue is the best solution for the church launch.

In this case, upgrading George Mason High School’s audio, video, and lighting in their auditorium was both something that would bless the school and community and improve the worship experience as long as Grace rents the space. Grace contracted Portable Church® to conduct an on-site consultation. It was an exciting opportunity to help the church achieve its vision while utilizing our technical team’s permanent design/build and portable expertise.

One of the primary concerns that brought Grace to us was that the school auditorium had both aesthetic and acoustic challenges too complex for them to handle on their own. After assessing the needs, our consultants determined that Portable Church would be able to revamp the room in just five days – information that delighted the church team.

What differentiates Portable Church® from firms that primarily only do the permanent install is that we have 25+ years of experience addressing the complex portable component of the solution. Most of the Portable Church® design team consultants also have experience in permanent AVL design/build.

With Grace, we incorporated both PCI expertise and local AVL experts to implement the total solution. PCI took a design/build approach – putting the project on paper, orchestrating the timeline, procuring the labor to hang the project, and finally commissioning it for their soft launch weekend.

Our team had a blast working with Grace, which had previously contracted PCI to design a Kids and Community portability project. “Grace trusted us to be the voice of experience. That combined with a consulting team that was able to bring non-typical work experience to the table for this project made for a huge success all the way around.”

Portable Church® is ready to assist other churches with their custom new campus or church plant initiatives, whether that means totally portable, blended permanent/portable or adding new equipment to a permanent site so that older equipment can be reused in a portable venue.

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