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23 Lessons from 12 Thriving Movie Theater Churches
January 6, 2017

We love helping churches get set up in movie theaters. They offer amazing benefits for sound and lighting, children’s areas and ministering to the community. We’ve posted before about the solutions we found for Valley Christian Church in Poughkeepsie, New York when they launched in a movie theater.

That’s why we are delighted to share “23 Lessons from 12 Thriving Movie Theater Churches,” an inspiring article by Rich Birch that outlines several great reasons to move into your local movie theater. He also gives sound advice for making the most of your spot in a public-facing venue and shares photos of twelve churches that meet to worship in a theater. Below are a few of his excellent lessons and tips.

“Typically, movie theaters are the anchor of a larger development in the center of a community. When people describe where your church meets, the people they invite will know where it is…”

“Take a look through scripture and it seems like God’s preference is to reach people in the marketplace rather than in holy places… By meeting ‘in the marketplace,’ you put your church in the midst of where people go about their daily lives. You’re taking the mission to the people rather than asking people to come to you!”

“The needs of a growing church often shift and develop over time. Renting from a movie theater gives you the opportunity to grow into what you need.”

“Renting movie theaters for your church is surprisingly inexpensive when compared to schools, hotels or other options. In fact, many church leaders who rent movie theaters feel like it’s the best-kept facility secret … they feel like they are getting away with something!”

Read Rich’s post “23 Lessons from 12 Thriving Movie Theater Churches” now.