Two Questions with Trent Carpenter of C3 Church

Dec 21, 2017

We recently took a survey of portable church pastors around the country to find out what was ONE THING they would do differently if they were to start over again, and what was ONE THING they did well when planting their church. Today, we want to introduce you to Trent Carpenter of C3 Church. Enjoy!


trent-carpenter-c3-church-2C3 Church | Ohio

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C3 started almost 9 years ago in the basement of another church with a true passion to reach people that we felt were missing the Gospel. Close to 9 years later, we have been truly blessed to see God move with hundreds of people committing their lives to Christ and being baptized. We also started a 2nd campus that God has used in a miraculous way to change lives. It’s humbling to watch God continue to free people from addictions, heal and restore marriages, put families back together and most importantly save us from our sins.

Given the experiences and knowledge you have now as a church planter/pastor, what is the ONE THING you would do differently if you were starting over again?

I would develop a crystal clear picture of what the process of becoming a “Disciple Maker” looks like for a person in each stage, along with better systems, etc. to help each person take their next step in following Jesus.

What was ONE THING you did well when planting your church that you would highly suggest to other planters?

We are a church that accepts you wherever you, but cares too much to let you stay there. We did a great job (maybe even accidental at times) of creating a culture where everyone feels loved and accepted when they walk in doors, but that doesn’t mean that we still aren’t going to challenge you in your journey of following Jesus.

trent-carpenter-c3-church-1Trent Carpenter

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Trent started Cross Community Church (C3) while he was still teaching at a local high school. After a few years of bi-vocational ministry, he was fortunate enough to be able to pastor his church full time. When he’s not wrestling with his staff over what the call of making disciples really looks like in our culture, then he’s usually wrestling his kids (son Tayden, daughter Teegan). He’s been married to his wife Johnda for over fifteen years and she’s been one of the greatest examples of a Jesus follower that he’s know.