Last year, CityReach Network partnered with Church in a Box® Solutions, a division of Portable Church® Industries, to design custom CityReach sound systems and portable packages for all the churches launching in the network. That included 32 church plants that year alone, with 40+ new launches expected in 2017.

A big goal of the partnership was to save on cost, increase energy for volunteers and allow the pastors to focus on building their teams and community. John Snider is the pastor of CityReach Endicott (CRE) of New York, which launched in September 2016.

John already had experience in logistics for church setup and teardown at a church that had built its own system. When Church in a Box® provided training to volunteers on the first day of using the portable system, an ongoing volunteer plan began.

“At CRE everyone becomes a logistics team member. It takes 15 minutes to set up the kids’ area, 30 minutes to set up the gymnasium. It is not an arduous journey to train, and we can throw anybody into the setup… I’m impressed at how easy the equipment is to use.”

With Church in a Box® providing the custom CityReach package, John was relieved from the challenging responsibilities and perplexities of coming up with a sound system from scratch.

“I didn’t have to spend 9 months finding inventory and shopping for every part. I was freed up not to do all of that.”

What does it look like to work with Church in a Box®? John knows that on any day, if he has a question or problem, he can contact Church in a Box® and get an answer right away, or very soon.

Now, John can instill the vision for the church and focus on people rather than equipment.

Church in a Box® and CityReach Network refined and expanded the systems for 2017 and will continue to work closely together to build the best systems for new church plants in their ongoing partnership.

Jared Bellan, Church Planting Director of CityReach Network, is excited for what is coming next.

“For the planter, it has helped them to have quality sound equipment that has every item they need to launch strong.”

And he feels honored to work with the consultants and designers from Church in a Box®.

“Everyone at Church in a Box® is trying to make it easier for planting churches. They know that most important are people – because church planting is more about people.”

If you will be launching a new campus or church plant, click here to check out  the A/V packages that were designed for CityReach Network and are available to anyone.

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