8 Launch Wins: A Study of 1,500-Plus New Churches and Multisite Campuses – New eBook!

Jul 18, 2017

There is a common question heard in the church community. Should we launch a new church/campus or invest more in our main campus?

With pastors envisioning a brand-new church or large churches talking about their desire to open an additional campus, it’s natural that there will be uncertainties. But while discussions begin, often those dreams of reaching new communities and non-believers are overshadowed by the requests and the normal demands of church ministry and operations.

That’s why we’re happy to announce the release of a new eBook, which was created in partnership with Leadership Network, 8 Launch Wins: A Study of 1,500-Plus New Churches and Multisite Campuses. This eBook, compiled by Dr. Warren Bird, provides solid data about the experiences of church leaders who have started a new church or campus in the past seven years.

Topics covered help answer the questions:

  • Should we plant a new church or open a new multisite location?
  • Should we initially rent and be “portable” or should we immediately lease/buy something “permanent”?
  • How do we become more effective at making disciples of Jesus Christ, and not just at gathering a crowd?

“The first five years of a new church or new campus are incredibly significant and fruitful, typically with spiritual returns far superior to any other period in the life of a similar size church.” – Dr. Warren Bird

If you or your church are thinking about starting a new church or multisite, we believe you will become more enlightened and emboldened by reading this report. Begin your journey today!

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