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How Portability is Helping Churches Unleash Their Creativity
August 8, 2016
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A portable church model has considerable advantages over a permanent church building – dramatically reduced costs, greater flexibility and better engagement with the community, to name a few. Well, there’s one little-known, but BIG plus point of being a portable church – creativity!

A church that is not tied down to the limitations and layout of a specific venue enjoys endless opportunities for experimentation. Here are a few inspiring examples of how portability has helped unleash the creative potential of churches.


Shining His Light in the Dark:


Faithbridge in Woodlands, TX, transformed a secular space into a sacred one, when they launched their weekend services in an elementary school. Portable Church helped build the plane, so that Faithbridge could get the people ready for takeoff.

High-tech equipment was key to the launch, and the Portable Church experts put together a well-designed system to help Faithbridge move into a fully functioning church from day one. They even installed Wi-Fi hotspots on the pipe and drape for reliable Internet access and Wi-Fi throughout the facility!

That’s not even the most fun part! Recently, Faithbridge pulled off its first Vacation Bible School at the Woodlands site. They used every bit of their Portable Church system to set up an out-of-the-box Cave Quest theme, complete with lighting and sound effects, a dramatic stage backdrop and a waterfall that was made out of the pipe and drape.

Over 100 volunteers and 300 students shone His light in the darkness, and had tons of fun in the process. In the words of Wayne Risher, Campus Pastor at Faithbridge Church, “Who says a portable church has to be boring!”


Burning for God:


Have you heard the worship song, Consuming Fire? Well, New Hope Presbyterian Church in Fairfax, VA, is really sizzling things up at the fire station that it rents out for its Sunday services.

Yes, you read that right – fire stations and church services can be compatible! Of course, one needs heaps of creativity to make that equation work. Thankfully, portability can help unleash some of those creative juices.

New Hope hooked up with Portable Church to make church in a fire station the new normal. The end result? About 100 adults and 50 kids came together to heat things up in the station’s meeting hall, coat room, training room and conference rooms. Temperatures have continued to rise ever since!


Rolling the Dice of Faith:


A portable church in Las Vegas made heading to the casino on a Sunday morning the latest trend for Christians. The church was looking for a venue with a high-seating capacity that didn’t break the bank. Well, a casino in the heart of downtown Vegas turned out to be the best bet!

The team at Portable Church helped them completely transform the space. The banquet rooms in the casino were set up to accommodate 500 adults and more than 200 children. Ultimately, a winning deal for all!


Church on a Big Screen:  


How do you get kids to make a beeline for church on a Sunday morning? Launch your church in a movie theater! Valley Christian Church in Poughkeepsie, NY, tied up with Portable Church to successfully premiere at the local community theater. The teams transformed multiple theater rooms into fun and safe environments for different ages. The best part? The kids loved learning on the BIG screens!

Every Sunday is a field day for the kids at Rock Church, NC. This movie theater church takes fun to a whole new level with a bounce house in the theater lobby. As expected, it’s a smashing hit with the kids!


Choosing The Right Facility For Your Portable Church



Is your church also looking for a creative, portable venue to move into? Over the last two decades, our experts at Portable Church have helped churches launch in out-of-the-box venues, including a zoo, pizza parlor and court house! Give us a call at 800.939.7722, and we’ll make make sure that your launch is a hassle-free, smooth process.

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