Portable Church by the Numbers

Last Updated on: Jan 15, 2013 @ 4:18 pm

Last year, we sold over 4200 pieces of children’s flooring. Back to back, that’s 11.5 miles of flooring. Think about that for a minute… 11.5 miles of children sitting, shoulder to shoulder, hearing about God on a Sunday morning.That statistic gives us the chills (the good kind) when we think about it. It’s a vivid expression of why we decided to open our doors almost twenty years ago.

Last year, we worked with a total of 360 churches, 100 of whom were with us from the start of their journey to their launch. With these 100 churches alone, we were a part of opening more than 20,000 seats for the Gospel.Take a look at the infographic below to see the full picture of what we got to be a part of this year.

If you’d like to find out how we can help YOU open seats for the Gospel in your community efficiently and effectively, reach out to us today.

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