Choosing a Facility – Pros & Cons
May 20, 2011

*We originally ran the blog series in 2007. Since I’m on vacation this week (and we’re in the middle of launch season), I thought we’d run it again. Hope it’s helpful!).

So we’ve talked about logistics, equipment and hidden topics. Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. There are so many places to have church, but we have found that most of our clients meet as follows: 80% in schools, 15% in theatres and the other 5% in facilities as common as a YMCA and as uncommon as a zoo.

Here’s a super quick Pros & Cons List to keep in mind as you continue your search.

Pros of Using a School

  • Location
  • Stature in Community
  • Diverse Room Size Availability – Both for Adults & Children
  • Electrical Capacity

Cons / Capacity in a School

  • Elementary Schools Typical Maximum Capacity is 200/service
  • Middle Schools Typical Maximum Capacity is 400/service
  • High Schools’ Typical Maximum Capacity is 600-1600 / service

Pros of Using a Movie Theatre

  • Political Stability (no “board” to deal with)
  • Large Video Screen
  • Well Recognized
  • Extremely Comfortable Environement
  • Drinks / Beverages Allowed in Worship Area
  • Large Parking Lot

Cons of Using a Movie Theatre

  • Lighting can be One-Dimensional
  • Electrical Capacities Need to be Worked Through
  • No Large “Run Around” Type Space for Children’s Ministries

There is a lot to consider when finding the right home for your new site or church plant. What we’ve talked about this week barely scratches the surface. If you want to talk to us personally, get a list of facilities to check out or even book a consultant to help you figure out your building – give us a call. We want to hear your story, and help you tell HIS.

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