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Churches Leaving Buildings

Have you outgrown your building or lost your building to a natural disaster? Or perhaps you find your building is a barrier in reaching the very people you want to reach? Regardless of the reason you’re going portable, if you’ve decided to sell your building and hit the road – we can design and build the right solution for you.

We’ll help you make the transition from permanent to portable by creating a system that helps you re-launch in a different location effectively, efficiently and creatively. We’ll design a system that takes your personality, people resources and established preferences into account. Your church can rest easy knowing that whether they’re moving a few miles down the road or re-launching completely, we’ll help you be a “portable you”.

Thinking about going Mobile? Let’s talk!

Download our book on finding the right facility for this next phase of growth:
How to Find the Right Facility for Your Mobile Church 

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