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One of the challenges (and opportunities) of portable churches is the reliance on volunteers to turn the rented space into an excellent church environment week after week. Volunteer teams normally serve on a rotation so different people serve different weeks. Thus, the need for clear, thorough training up front is critical.

Training of your staff and volunteers is an integral part of Portable Church® solutions. We have developed and refined a pre-launch training experience that has proven to be very effective, fun, and a great team building experience. Volunteers and leadership leave the training feeling equipped, empowered, and excited to do this on their own.

A typical Portable Church® delivery team is comprised of one trainer for the technical portion and one trainer for the children’s ministry/first impression/community/hospitality portion. Since there is no such thing as a typical launch, often the training teams will include more trainers and even equipment integrators.

Usually, on the church’s pre-launch weekend, a Portable Church® team will arrive to spend the weekend with you. We will do a complete set-up and tear down with you, plus we’ll spend your first Sunday with you as well. Our trainings cover not only the equipment set-up and tear down, but also hints and tips on building a relationship with your landlord and keeping them happy. We know a healthy and respectful relationship with your landlords will ensure you stay in the facility as long as you need and it helps the landlord stay excited about helping the next church plant to rent your facility.

Training generally starts on a Saturday morning and includes a tutorial on everything in your system. Our system arrives already tested, integrated and assembled, so there is nothing to do on Saturday except equip your volunteers for Sunday service. Our goal is to have Saturday dedicated to training, so we do all of the work upfront for you before your system even arrives!

If you have a specific training idea or need beyond our normal training, we can customize a solution for you. Just as our solutions are customized to meet your church’s portability needs, our training can be too.

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