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Equipment Solutions

Equipment is a significant part of every church solution. However, when you are considering launching a portable church, the evaluation and selection of equipment is much more involved. When we design Portable Church® solutions, all these factors are also considered: cubic volume, setup time, safety, size, efficiency, resources, venue impact, weight, appeal, trainability, durability, and economics.

We have thoroughly researched all our equipment to ensure its safety, quality, durability, and value. We have developed direct relationships with the manufacturers to keep costs reasonable.

Many churches that are used to equipment in a permanent facility miss or totally underestimate the uniqueness of designing solutions for a portable space. As a result, they experience greater equipment wear and volunteer burnout.

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  • Efficiency
  • Professionalism
  • Reduced Volunteer & Leadership Burnout
  • Streamlined efforts of Hard-Working Volunteers
  • Centralized Location of Information
  • Simplified Storage, Set-Up and Tear-Downs
  • Large Array of Product Lines
  • Customized Systems
  • Support for Lifetime of Portability


  • Reduced Equipment Damage
  • Reduced Storage Space Cost
  • Reduced Rental Costs by Reducing Set-Up and Tear-Down Times
  • Reduced Number of Volunteers Needed
  • Priced Competitively*

We don’t just think about one thing (like budget or aesthetics), we think about all things. We look at all of the competing values and we find the right piece of equipment for the right application. If we can’t find a part – we’ll invent it ourselves. Click here to view photos of our systems!

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