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Our Portable Church® Design Consultants are a rare breed. They are experts in creating exceptional worship, first impressions/hospitality, and children’s ministry experiences in rented spaces while optimizing efficiency, portability, storage, and volunteer care. In addition, coupled with all of this talent, is an unbelievable passion for church planting and ministry.

Your Portable Church® Design Consultant works in tandem with your launch, multi-site and / or leadership teams to establish the right equipment, the right aesthetic and the right transportation solution for your team. We will spend time understanding the vision in each area of your church. We want to understand who you are, what drives your ministry – even what brands you prefer – all so we can help you get to where you want to go. To best serve you, we offer a variety of consultative experiences.


Designed for churches who need a quick turn around time or for those who have launched many churches or campuses with Portable Church® Industries and can act as their own consultant. This consultation is conducted over phone or Skype® and requires some footwork and research to be done by the client. Includes an itemized estimate & storage matrix.


Designed for new church plants, some multi-sites, and churches leaving buildings. A Design Consultant spends the first day on-site meeting with your team. Day two is spent locally, off-site designing a preliminary custom design and estimate. Then, for a few hours in the third day, the Design Consultant presents to your team. Includes a feasibility study, facility & tithing projections, constraints matrix, scaled room layout drawings for children’s, hospitality & adult areas, storage matrix and the itemized estimate.


Designed for a larger church that desires to add a good sized multi-site campus. Often, this will include two consultants—a worship experience expert skilled in stage, audio, video, and lighting design and one dedicated to the hospitality/first impressions and children’s ministry. This consultation takes place in two parts—part one is on-site including detailed tours of both the permanent site and new campus. Part two is a presentation to your leadership after sufficient time back at our office to develop a thorough report which includes: Feasibility Study, Facility & Tithing Projections, Constraints Matrix, Scaled Room Layout Drawings for Children’s, Hospitality & Adult Areas, Storage Matrix, Itemized Estimate plus discussions & coaching on adding campuses, building volunteer teams, shifting from permanency to portability and creating ownership for the new campus vision.


Designed for existing portable churches who want to upgrade or move to a Portable Church® System. A Design Consultant joins them on site for their Sunday service, observes set-up & tear down techniques and conducts an equipment inventory. The Design Consultant creates a design that integrates existing equipment (and new or upgraded equipment) into the Portable Church® solution. Includes Feasibility Study, Facility & Tithing Projections, Constraints Matrix, Scaled Room Layout Drawings for Children’s, Hospitality & Adult Areas, Storage Matrix and Itemized Estimate.


Each year, we conduct a number of completely custom consultations that do not easily fall in one of the categories above. All Portable Church® solutions are custom. Therefore, we can easily develop a custom consultation to meet your needs.

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