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“How much does it cost?” This is the most common question we are asked. And our most common answer is, “It depends.” It depends because each Portable Church® Solution is a unique, custom solution fine tuned to your specific vision, goals, site and budget. Therefore, it “does depend.” When we start working together, we seek to help you get the best solution for your vision within your specific budget.

That said, there are some averages and trends we see. Over the last several years approximately 40% of our clients (typically a new church plant) will spend an average of $76,000 on their portable church systems to launch. Another 40% (typically multi-site churches launching a moderate-sized campus) spend an average of $160,000. The remaining 20% of our clients want to launch large (new plant or new campus) and design high-tech, complex systems that exceed $750,000.

Remember – these are average costs. Your Portable Church® Solution will be customized and will be priced according to your vision, your building and your growth plans.

We have direct, great relationships with manufacturers. That means your Portable Church® Solution is competitively priced, is all inclusive, is itemized and has the lowest life cycle costs when compared to any other way of doing portable church®. We know you’ll spend less with us during the life of your portability than you will on your own or with anyone else. We have found it takes just over a year for the initial investment to pay for itself due to reduced equipment failure, rental time, and volunteer frustration.

For those churches on a very tight budget that could incorporate a thoroughly researched and tested packaged system, we have created a division called Church in a Box that focuses solely on excellent, packaged solutions at lower entry prices. Click here if you would like to research our value priced Church in a Box packages.

We customize Every System to fit Your Budget.

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