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Used Equipment for Sale (Norcross, GA) – SOLD

Victory World Church is moving into a building & selling their used PCI Cases. First purchased in August 2010, these cases are listed in “Almost New” Condition.

The cases available are as follows:

  • (3) Portable Church Kids Cases
  • (1) Portable Church TV Cases (without TV)
  • (1) Table Case
  • (1) Base Holder Case (for Backdrops)
In addition to these cases, Victory World Church is selling the following items:
  • (23) Play Panels w/ Feet
  • Drapes
  • Hardware for Pipe & Drapes
  • (20) Carpets
  • (3) Rocking Chairs
This is a bulk sale, and individual items are not for sale at this time. Anyone interested in this system should contact the following individual:

Avery Nesbitt | anesbitt@victorywc.org |678-360-7564

Upcoming Changes.

In the next couple of weeks, Portable Church® Industries’ web presence, emails, correspondence and Invoices will have a different look, but don’t be alarmed – it’s still us – just a little stronger and with a little more savvy.

One of our core values is Continuous Improvement. In the last few years, we’ve continuously improved our customer follow-up, our know-how and everything from our material handling process to the way we deliver product. Our solutions are faster, our consultants wiser and our project managers more efficient. We aim to get better and better so we can maintain the confidence you’ve placed in us. Our old look and website just didn’t communicate that the way we’d like. So, we’ve made some changes. It’s all part of our mission to continue to be one of the most integral parts of mobile ministry.

As you experience growth, so do we. We have been honored to be a part of your journey and even more honored that you have chosen to share information about us with your own networks. We have learned so much from our clients and partners – and every time we work with someone new, we learn something new. Thank you for helping us continue in our efforts to get better and better.

We hope you like our new look, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with you.

You keep dreaming. We’ll keep building.

Used Equipment for Sale (Hanover, MD) – SOLD

Mosaic Christian Church is moving into a building & selling their used PCI Cases. First purchased in August 2008, these cases are listed in “Good” Condition.
The cases available are as follows:
(6) PCI Shelved Cases
(3) PCI Kids Cases
(1) PCI TV Cases
This is a bulk sale, and individual items are not for sale at this time. Anyone interested in this system should contact the following individual:
Carl Kuhl

Used Equipment for Sale (Houston, TX) — SOLD

Mission Church in Houston, TX no longer needs to be portable and is selling their equipment from our daughter company – Church. in a Box® Solutions (CBS). This is a complete system, including cases, trailer and misc equipment.

This system includes (but is not limited to)…
  • (7) CBS Shelved Cases
  • (4) CBS Kids Cases
  • (1) CBS TV Cases
  • (1) Custom Table Cases
  • (1) CBS Audio Rack

This is a bulk sale, and individual items are not for sale at this time. Anyone interested in this system, and would like pricing & pictures for this system, should contact the following individual:

Sherrie Dwyer

Support NYC Portable Churches!

By Brian Koehn

Almost every weekend, we’re helping another church or two learn a system for setting up for their weekend services in a rented school building. Churches rent all kinds of buildings, but almost 75% of our churches end up in schools. As Scott Thomas, Acts 29 president, says, “They’re designed for large groups, and they’ve got parking.”

So it was quite a shock when I heard that, “The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in June that a public school could bar a church from renting its space after hours, while other groups could rent the space if they weren’t using it for worship.” reference here)

It hit close to home because we had just delivered a portable church system to a New York congregation this spring, and sure enough, they are one of the 60+ congregations affected by this ruling.

When USA Today picked up the story and called us for our input, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but two days ago, this story was on the front cover of their paper. They wrote, “The city’s Department of Education, which has been trying for a decade to oust the congregations and end the weekend worship practice, won the latest legal round in June. As the case winds its way through more appeals, an injunction allows about 60 congregations to remain in place…”

Then it hit me: Why not use the credibility of this article to start a campaign to let these churches know how many people support them, and at the same time let the politicians in New York know how many people think that what they are doing is wrong.

Please sign this petition and pass it on to people who share your values. Let them know why you took the time to sign it. After you sign it – help spread the word on twitter, blogs and facebook. Let these churches know that they will not stand alone!

Great Conference for Church Planters!

When I first joined this company in 2004, I had the privilege of attending a church conference in Ocala, FL under the leadership of Ron Sylvia. It was the most practical conference I’d been to about church planting.

I loved the practical, team-based teaching approach. Planters, joined on principal, shared practical ways to build block parties, build & assimilate volunteers, grow disciples, choose a building, rent a facility… everything you need to know practically to begin your church planting journey. I told every planter I came into contact with about this conference.
It is several years later, and Ron’s Conference is still one of my favorites. I had the privilege of attending many between 2004-2008, and I was so disappointed when the leadership took some time off.
… until now. Ron & His Team at Next Coaching Networks have joined together and will once again bring us this incredible, practical, fulfilling conference experience. If you are planting a church soon, considering planting a church, need resources or encouragement, you have to register for this one.
Find out everything you need to know here: http://nextcoachingnetworks.com/conferences. At $29, this conference is affordable, and trust me, you can’t afford to miss this one!

Introducing Team Twitter

Portable Church® is pleased to announce a few new ways to get in touch with some of your favorite team members. Need a quick quote, want to say hello, share a Sunday video or even ask a first time question? You can now connect with us on twitter for all of this… and more!

Our Project Managers are available online to provide quotes, share resources and interact in real time. Reach out to them today!
A couple of our Consultants are getting involved in the conversation as well. Have a quick tech question? Want to follow us for the latest ideas from tech shows, the latest articles and even their latest innovations? Reach out to them…
Need some technical assistance? Want some warranty support? Want to follow a guy who has big ideas and even cooler gadgets? Then you want to follow Joe Kalamanir, one of our Resident Tech Geeks.
Talk to us… we’re Listening!

Choosing a Facility – Pros & Cons

*We originally ran the blog series in 2007. Since I’m on vacation this week (and we’re in the middle of launch season), I thought we’d run it again. Hope it’s helpful!).

So we’ve talked about logistics, equipment and hidden topics. Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. There are so many places to have church, but we have found that most of our clients meet as follows: 80% in schools, 15% in theatres and the other 5% in facilities as common as a YMCA and as uncommon as a zoo.

Here’s a super quick Pros & Cons List to keep in mind as you continue your search.

Pros of Using a School

  • Location
  • Stature in Community
  • Diverse Room Size Availability – Both for Adults & Children
  • Electrical Capacity

Cons / Capacity in a School

  • Elementary Schools Typical Maximum Capacity is 200/service
  • Middle Schools Typical Maximum Capacity is 400/service
  • High Schools’ Typical Maximum Capacity is 600-1600 / service

Pros of Using a Movie Theatre

  • Political Stability (no “board” to deal with)
  • Large Video Screen
  • Well Recognized
  • Extremely Comfortable Environement
  • Drinks / Beverages Allowed in Worship Area
  • Large Parking Lot

Cons of Using a Movie Theatre

  • Lighting can be One-Dimensional
  • Electrical Capacities Need to be Worked Through
  • No Large “Run Around” Type Space for Children’s Ministries

There is a lot to consider when finding the right home for your new site or church plant. What we’ve talked about this week barely scratches the surface. If you want to talk to us personally, get a list of facilities to check out or even book a consultant to help you figure out your building – give us a call. We want to hear your story, and help you tell HIS.

Questions? Call Us. 800.939.7722

Choosing a Facility – The Hidden Checklist

*We originally ran the blog series in 2007. Since I’m on vacation this week (and we’re in the middle of launch season), I thought we’d run it again. Hope it’s helpful!).

Yesterday we talked about equipment; today we’re going to talk about some things that should definitely be on your list to consider.

What is the general culture of the facility? Is it conducive to your ministry aspects? Will using this facility cause you to forfeit a portion of your vision? Do people like the building you’re considering meeting within?

What is the aroma of this building? Nightclubs, gymnasiums and older YMCA’s can have a lingering or stale odor that you just can’t cover with a backdrop.

  • I used to attend a Portable Church® here in Royal Oak. We were utilizing a Saturday-Nigh-Only-Dance-Club for our Sunday services. The positive parts? Everyone knew where it was, there was plenty of parking and it had an incredible stage. The negative? The smell of cigarettes and liquor and body odor often lingered from the night before. We loved the venue so much that we mobilized a few volunteers to come in a little earlier on Sunday to clean and air-out the building. It worked, and it was totally worth it (to us). Not every church will make the decision we made, but we made the right decision for us.

Next, where are the restrooms? This is a two-fold consideration.

The first is simply a question of acoustics. First – trust me – no one wants to hear the sounds of toilet flushing during the sermon. Make sure are restrooms available for use that are both far enough away from the “sanctuary” to avoid disruption and are still convenient for your members.

The second consideration has to do with the size of the fixtures. Using preschools, nurseries or elementary schools can lend itself to also having to take advantage of small, child-size fixtures. There may be other restrooms in the facility that are not as diminutive and may be available for use. Ask your landlord to show them to you. If you come to an impasse with these competing values, your Portable Church® Consultant can help you figure out the right choice. By this time, he’ll be familiar enough with your values to help coach you in the right direction.

Finally, what is the overall layout of the building? Is it generally conducive to a first-timer being able to navigate, with simply the use of signs? Where is the sanctuary in relation to the children’s areas? How far will a parent have to walk to pick up / drop off their children? This is very important if you are going to be serving communities with young families.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at the pros & cons of different types of facilities.

Questions? Call us at 800-939-7722.

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