2011 Thank You

2011 Thank You

We’re nearing the end of 2011, and we are celebrating! all of the churches we’ve had the privilege to work with this year. We have had the privilege of working with incredible teams like yours from all over North America. We celebrate what God has done through your ministry and are honored that we have had the opportunity to equip growing, expanding and brand new churches in 2011. This year…

We partnered with almost 300 different churches.

We spent almost 100 days, or 50 Weekends, training (and getting inspired by) churches across North America.

We commissioned more than 970 Road Cases – cases which allow churches to move in & out of their buildings efficiently.

We drove a little more than 49,000 miles delivering Portable Church® Systems all over North America – systems which enable volunteers and empower leadership teams.

We delivered 38 miles of extension cords – helping churches source power, and thus power the message of Christ, at their rented facilities.

We spent more than 800 Hours racking Audio and Video Cases – these cases are now part of the mission of spreading the Gospel in hundreds of communities.

We installed 2,500 feet of Children’s Dividers – these dividers created classrooms for more than 200 children.

We loaded and (portably) installed more than 200 Speakers, more than 220 Microphones and almost 100 Projectors –these are tools that enable people to hear the Gospel – loud & clear.

We brought 490 Carpets and 2,340 Units of Children’s Flooring into churches which, back to back, provides more than 2.5 Miles of Flooring for children to sit upon & hear the Word of God

We flew more than 300,000 Miles to meet with churches in person and hear, personally, about their vision for their community. We left inspired each time.

We helped churches open, in one Sunday Service, more than 13,000 seats for adults to hear the Gospel and more than 6,000 seats for children.

These numbers are our year-end celebration. These are the numbers that motivate, inspire & spur us on.What an awesome privelege we have to be a part of the movement of Christ through mobile ministries like yours.

If you entrusted us with your vision this year – thank you. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your story. Because of your trust, we have been inspired, awed & humbled. We will continue to do everything we can, to the best of our ability, to equip and contribute to the spreading of the Gospel through all of your churches across the nations.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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Troy, MI 48083


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